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Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Losing weight requires discipline and time. I know, because I need one and a half years to lose 25 pounds. My weight stayed at 115-117 pounds until my husband went to a conference in Warsaw, Poland. Conference and restaurant food take their toll and I get 3 pounds (one size clothing) in a week.

We stayed at the Marriott Hotel, which has a "Splendid Breakfast Buffet." Before I took the food from the buffet I surveyed my choice. I eat a healthy breakfast every morning: orange juice, fresh fruit, and low-fat yogurt sprinkled with granola. However, it is difficult for a healthy lunch and dinner because I had some choices.



Do not get me wrong, the food was delicious and artistically presented. But left half-eaten on the plate and skip dessert balancing food consumption. How can I get back to my healthy weight? Harvard School of Public Health recommends "defensive eating" approach to weight loss / maintenance.

Defensive Eating has seven steps: eat selective, small portions, stop before you feel stuffed, some desserts, eat slowly, snacks are reasonable, and awareness of why you eat. I add steps to my personal plans. Here are my 10 tips to maintain a healthy weight.

1. EAT BREAKFAST. Nutritionists consider breakfast most important meal of the day due to fuel your day. I woke up at 5:30 am and by 9:30 I was ready for lunch. The solution? I ate half of my breakfast (two fruits and cereals) in the morning and the other part of my breakfast (fruit or bread wheat) mid-morning.

2. KEEP A DIARY FOOD. I do not keep a written diary, but I keep a mental list of everything I eat. The list includes each cake, every cracker, and each pretzel. If I have eaten too much sugar, fat or salt I reduce it the next day. Food diary I have caused the collection of healthy recipes.

3. EAT FOOD-LOW energy dense. Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid develop to "encourage weight loss, maintain weight loss and long-term health." Low-energy-dense foods (low-calorie foods that make you feel full), is an important part of the pyramid. Fruits and vegetables are low-energy-dense foods and you will eat all you want.



4. STOCK UP ON HEALTHY SNACKS. I keep healthy snacks - carrots, celery, apples, and other fresh fruit - in hand.
For a quick, filling snack I eat sugar free apple sauce. Fresh beans and walnuts helped me to curb hunger, but I was careful to eat small portions. When I travel I bring healthy granola bars with me. (Yes, I took a granola bar for Poland.)

5. BE SIZE WISE. With size wise, I mean portion size of food you eat. You may eat super size portions instead of "normal". For example, one serving of spaghetti is half a cup, not a mountain of pasta. According to the American Obesity Association, people who maintain a healthy weight eating five times a day, on average, and about 1,400 calories consumed. In other words, they eat small meals frequently.

6. LIMIT OF CERTAIN FOODS. The American Obesity Association says 92 percent of those who maintain a healthy weight limit their intake of certain foods, such as fast food. When I shop for my food to avoid foods that have "empty calories," high-calorie foods with low nutritional value. In case you're wondering, I rarely eat at a fast food restaurant.

7. seasoning CUT. What is the second ingredient on the bottle of ketchup? This high fructose corn syrup, sugar you do not need. Mayonnaise has 90 calories per serving (one tablespoon) and 90% of the calories come from fat. Ketchup is a molten salt. It added sugar, fat and salt can cause weight gain. You do not have to give up seasoning, just buy the healthier versions of them.

8. KEEP MOVING. Regular physical activity is essential to the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Food Pyramid. And according to "Why Will not Work 'Diet'?", An article posted on the Internet with WOAI in San Antonio, healthy eating and increasing exercise is the key to weight loss / maintenance. This combination "can actually increase your metabolism," the article said. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day and keep track of my steps with a pedometer.

9. thirst WITH WATER. Sometimes your mind is playing tricks on you and you think you are hungry when you're really thirsty. A glass of water can ease your hunger. Instead of soda pop drinking sugar-loaded. I like the no-calorie, non-carbonated water and orange flavor is my favorite.

10. WHOLESALE SHOP AFTER EATING. This is the main defensive tactics eat you. Before I go to the grocery store I make a detailed list. I rarely eat food samples because I'm allergic to soy (it's everywhere) and do not need the extra calories. In addition, these samples are often high in salt, fat, and sugar.

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